DVD5: Oiled Bodies

How to reach that my body will look the best on the stage? Maybe all bodybuilders all around the world are interested in. In the spotlight is therefore very important make up of the skin by special body colours and oil. On the body trimed like this muscles excel at full blast. On this DVD you will see how are bodybuilders preparing their skin before contests and our models before shooting. Get ready for high quality and aesthetic experience.

Feedback of our customer:
... the dvd is HOT...your photography, music and editing is FIRST RATE. I've been buying dvd's in this genre for ages...you do it better than most i've ever seen. The guys are incredible, and the way you shoot them with film is amazing. I'm going back to the site and get some more... Hope you have a lot more of them cominggreat, great job.. George, New Hampshire, USA.
LENGHT    1hour 10 minutes
RELEASE DATE    May 2007
FORMAT    PAL, 4:3
PRICE    19,- USD


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