DVD1: Filip Jurka - They Call me Tarzan

Filip Jurka belongs to bodybuilders with the most athletic body. He drew attention to himself already in 2005 on Czech teenage bodybuilding championschip. He didn┤t  compete from this time but he worked on himself very hard. His form stuned everybody in summer 2010. He is better than ever before! If you add to it Filip┤s sex appeal and talent to show his body in the most amazing and aesthetic poses than you anticipace for shure what you can expect from this DVD. More than half of compilation äThey call me Tarzanô contains quite new and nowhere published videos and the rest are clips published in the summer 2010 on CzechYoungmuscle.com server which are reedited specially for this DVD. Enjoy this exciting spectacle!
LENGHT    1hour 30 minutes
RELEASE DATE    November 2010
FORMAT    PAL, 16:9
PRICE    34,95 USD


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