DVD 6: Sexy Muscles

Make sure that also man´s body can be sexy! Well developed man´s bodies are canon of beauty from time  immemorial. Muscle physiques of today´s film heroes and stars of world modeling only logically concur into renaissance David or antique Discobolos and many others who are captured for next generations in static form in pictures or sculptures. But present time and modern media are bringing new possibilities and are giving to man´s beauty quite different dimension. Body in movement. This double DVD is unique selection of the best videos from internet server CzechYoungMuscle.com created during five years of its existence. Photographer, director and cameraman Petr Holman is exploiting except movement also another typical procedures for him how to take up  fascinating game of muscles in the best way. Thanks to well-advised work with music, light and shadows, water, oil and unusual points of view are coming up  videos with unrepeatable atmosphere, handwriting and feeling typical for this known Czech creator.
LENGHT   3hours 20 minutes
       (two discs)
RELEASE DATE   December 2009
FORMAT    Disc 1: PAL  4:3
   Disc 2: PAL 16:9
PRICE    39,90 USD


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